Active Antarctic Volcano

Not by Fire but by Ice



 Updated 27 October 2005      


Scientists Discover Undersea Volcano Off Antarctica
– 31 May 2004 – Scientists have found what they believe is an active and
previously unknown volcano on the sea bottom off the Antarctic Peninsula .

The international science team from the United States and Canada mapped 
andsampled the ocean floor and collected video and data that indicate a major
volcano exists on the Antarctic continental shelf.

Eugene Domack, the expedition's chief scientist, said the volcano stands 
700 meters (2300 feet) above the seafloor and extends to within roughly 
275 meters (900 feet) of the ocean surface in an area known as Antarctic 
Sound, at the northernmost tip of Antarctica .

He noted that there has been "no previous scientific record of active 
volcanoes in the region. The volcano is unusual, Domack said, in that it 
exists on the continental shelf, in the vicinity of a deep trough carved out 
by glaciers passing across the seafloor.

In addition to mapping, the research team used a bottom-scanning video 
recorder, rock dredges, and temperature probes to survey the sides and 
crest of the submarine peak. The video survey revealed a surface that is 
heavily colonized by bottom-dwelling organisms.

But a dark mat of underwater life broken along the edges of the volcano 
by barren patches of dark, black rock indicate that lava has recently flowed 

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