Antarctic Cooling Picks Up Speed

Not by Fire but by Ice


Updated 29 September 06


The headline screams "Antarctica Has Warmed In Last 150 years,"
But the ensuing article admits that "Antarctica cooled considerably during 
the 1990s"

I think the headline could more appropriately have read:

Antarctic Cooling Picks Up Speed  
Five Times Faster Than in the Past 150 Years


Here's the article:

New Evidence Shows Antarctica Has Warmed In Last 150 Years
Despite recent indications that Antarctica cooled considerably during the 1990s,
new research suggests that the world's iciest continent has been getting gradually
warmer for the last 150 years.

6 Sep 06 –– New ice core data shows that average Antarctic temperatures have
risen about 2/10ths of a degree C (one third of a degree F) in 150 years. The
overall increase includes a decline of nearly one degree in the 1990s, said David
Schneider, a University of Washington postdoctoral researcher in Earth and space

"Even if you account for the cooling in the '90s, we still see that two-tenths of a
degree increase from the middle of the 1800s to the end of the 20th century," said
Schneider, lead author of a paper published Aug. 30 in Geophysical Research

The main reason that Antarctica appears to have cooled during the 1990s, the article continues, is that a natural phenomenon called the Antarctic Oscillation, or
Southern Annular Mode, was largely in its positive phase during that time. The
Antarctic Oscillation is so named because atmospheric pressure in far southern
latitudes randomly oscillates between positive and negative phases.

Uh huh. A one-degree cooling in ten years was caused by natural forces . . .
but the mere 2/10ths of a degree warming over 150 years wasn’t caused by
natural forces?

Two-tenths of a degree in 150 years. Hardly a disaster. At that rate,
Antarctica could warm by one degree in
750 years.  To my way of thinking,
such an increase seems suspiciously similar to what we might consider to be
normal for a planet that is still emerging from the last ice age.

Is this the sort of slanted media coverage that Senator Inhofe was talking about?

Thanks to Jimmy Walter for this link

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