Atlantic sea level falling    

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Arctic sea level falling

15 Jun 06 - Arctic sea level has been falling more than 2mm a year - a 
movement that [supposedly] sets the region against the global trend of rising
A Dutch-UK team made the discovery after analyzing radar altimetry 
data gathered by Europe 's ERS-2 satellite.

"We have high confidence in the results; it's now down to the geophysics
community to explain them," said Dr Remko Scharroo, from consultants
Altimetrics LLC, who led the study.

The European Space Agency's (Esa) ERS-2 satellite has been making
observations of the Earth from its 800km-high polar orbit for over 10 years. 

Correcting the data to take account of ocean tides, wave heights, air pressure,
and atmospheric effects that might bias the signal, Dr Scharroo and colleagues
established seasonal and yearly sea-level trends in the Arctic (from 60 to 82
degrees latitude) for the period 1995 to 2003. The analysis reveals an average
2.17mm fall per annum.

Taking a global view, ERS-2 still records a sea-level rise. It's interesting, 
how each study shows that that study's particular location is the only 
location where sea levels are falling.

Analysis of Russian tide gauges by Andrey Proshutinsky from the Woods 
Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), US, also hinted at a sea-level fall 
during the 1990s. He said this seemed to fit with the phases of the so-called 
Arctic Oscillation, a seesaw pattern of change in atmospheric pressure over 
the polar region and mid latitudes.

"This is something like decadal variability. Sea level goes up and down, up 
and down - but in general, it rises," Proshutinsky explained.

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