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Arctic ice sets 30 records in April -

One for each day

Supports growing number of reports that Earth could be
in for a period of global cooling

By Lawrence Solomon

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2 May 10 - (Excerpts) - "According to satellite data received by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the Arctic was more ice-bound each day of April than it had been any other corresponding day in April since its sensors began tracking the extent of Arctic Ice in mid 2002.  To see this tracking on the Japan Aerospace website, run jointly with the International Arctic Research Center visit

"While Arctic ice has always varied greatly, expanding and contracting during the course of a year and also from year to year and decade to decade, the expansion of the Arctic ice this decade is significant in one respect: It acts to disprove the models that had predicted that the Arctic ice in this century would not recover as it had in previous centuries.

"The expansion of the Arctic ice also acts to support a growing number of reports that Earth could be in for a period of global cooling."

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Thanks to Norm Grant Smith, British Columbia, Canada, for this link

Lawrence Solomon is executive director of Energy Probe and Urban
Renaissance Institute and author of The Deniers: The world-renowned
scientists who stood up against global warming hysteria, political
persecution, and fraud.






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