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Ice not paying attention to warm-mongers

Arctic sea ice thickening


12 Oct 09 – “As a Colorado Rockies playoff game is snowed out, scientists report that Arctic sea ice is thickening and Antarctic snow melt is the lowest in three decades,” says this article on

“It seems that ice at both poles hasn't been paying attention to the computer models.”

A summary of summer sea-ice conditions released last week by the National Snow and Ice Data Center reported a substantial expansion of second-year ice (ice thick enough to have persisted through two summers of seasonal melting). Second-year ice this summer made up 32% of the total ice cover on the Arctic Ocean, compared with 21% in 2007 and 9% in 2008.

“Clearly, Arctic sea ice is not following the consensus touted by Gore and the warm-mongers,” the article continues.

And discoveries published last month in Geophysical Research Letters by Marco Tedesco, research scientist at the Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology, show that ice melt on Antarctica was the lowest in three decades during the ice-melt season.

These findings are echoed by a report from the University of Illinois' Arctic Climate Research Center early this year, which showed that global sea ice levels the same as they were 30 years ago (1979), when satellite observations began.

Shifting our focus to the bottom of the globe, we are constantly told that the Larsen B ice shelf on the western side of Antarctica is collapsing. What we’re not told, is that this is nothing new. That part of Antarctica has been warming for decades. We’re also not told that the part that is melting “comprises just 2% of the continent. The rest of the continent is cooling.”

     The media displays photos of the 2% of Antarctica that is warming, while ignoring the 98% that is cooling. Considering the fact that the Antarctic ice sheet is twice as big as the contiguous United States, that is a major oversight. I think “cover up” might be a better way to describe it.

“A report prepared by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research for last April's meeting of the Antarctic Treaty nations in Washington notes that the South Pole has in fact shown "significant cooling in recent decades."

“Will any of this be brought up at the climate conference in Copenhagen this December? Not unless hell freezes over. Then again ...”

See entire great article, originally entitled “Three Decades of Global Cooling”
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