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Astrophysicist warns of very serious

earthquake danger

27th June to 2 July


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On 14 June astrophysicist Piers Corbyn appeared live on Al Jazeera TV talking about the increase this year in extreme weather and earthquake events and his successful forecasts of them.

He also revealed: The next VERY SERIOUS earthquake and extreme weather period is 27th June to 2 July. This period will be more serious than the periods 13-15 & 16-19 Jun and possibly more dangerous than May 31 to June 5.

In the interview Piers was asked "What is it like to know that these things are going to happen and do you warn Governments? He replied that we do warn Governments such as we warned the US Govt of impending blizzards (eg the ones that hit NE USA causing total chaos from Boxing Day ) but they (and media) ignored us preferring to believe silly theories that CO2 causes these things**...".  


** See  Blizzard of Lies in New York Times   


The interview can be viewed directly

OR downloaded. Twitter download info is: PIERS CORBYN-1330g-14.mpg /13GMT PIERS CORBYN DTL X LONDON: (Nb it takes a lot of Mb)


Afterwards Piers Commented: "It is very important to get coverage by Al Jazeera. I have had no coverage on BBC, or their camp followers ITV, since BEFORE the Copenhagen Climate summit debacle (which we had correctly warned would be hit by a blizzard) of December 2009. Without Fox News and Al Jazeera, and occasional bits from ABC TV (USA) and Sky News UK the censorship of our work would be near total.

M6+ Earthquakes Indonesia and New Zealand confirm WeatherAction 13-15th June quake risk warning. AND ONGOING - Papua New Guinea 16th
Two major Earthquakes 13 June
M6.0 New Zealand (precede by an M5.5) and M6.4 Molucca Sea Indonesia confirm WeatherAction’s warning issued 22 May for 13-15 June as a period of increased earthquake risk. SEE:
Two quakes hit Christchurch NZ. 
for M5+ over last 7 days 
Ongoing 24 hour Live Internet Seismic Server (Also see comments below from Martin Hodgkins and Lorraine Lister).

Rain UK and worse to come (16-19th) also being confirmed - See below for forecast link 
"This 13-15 JUN period”, said Piers Corbyn of, "is at the ‘
q (lesser) level of our now two level forecasts of increased Earthquake risk (trial) around the world compared with other times before and after.  In the upper, ‘Q’, level we expect the biggest increases in seismic activity which also includes notable volcanic eruptions. The last Q period May 31- Jun5th was dramatically marked by the new eruption of the Chile earthquake chain on June 4th as well as associated very extreme weather events". See 








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