Sea level falling around Australia    

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Sea level falling around Australia
by Dr. G. LeBlanc Smith, PhD, AIG, AAPG

16 Aug 08 - The evidence can be seen from the history of sea level variations mapped as a time-curve derived from joining dots of observed and dated sea levels that track the natural melt-out of the last glaciation ice sheets.

Sea level rose about 130m in the 10,000 years between 17,000 and 7,000 years ago; with a maximum observed level ~8m above present sea level in marine deposits dated ~ 6000 years old in perched Antarctic lakes. It has subsequently fallen in steps as the planet has cooled to our present level. This is in the published science literature and much can be readily "Googled".

“I contend that those professional scientists and advisors that are knowingly complicit in climate science fraud and all that is derived from it, will continue to be exposed by the science itself.”

Dr. G. LeBlanc Smith is a retired CSIRO Principal Research Scientist (geosciences – sedimentology)
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