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Bare-faced lies - glacier advances

but headline screams "global warming"

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31 Jul 09 - Today the Daily Mail Reporter ran a series of photographs showing the rapid advance of the Breidamerkurjokull glacier.

But their headline shouted "How global warming is changing the face of the northern hemisphere."  

Then the article tries to persuade us that the glacier "is melting away."

The Breidamerkurjokull glacier has descended from the mountains into a lagoon over the past 30 years, the story continues, and has shown no sign of moving back.

"Over this time professional photographer Ragnar Sigurdsson has been documenting the alarming phenomenon that has been taking place."

"In these exclusive pictures, Mr Sigurdsson shows just how fragile our ever changing world is and the sheer beauty of a landscape, that if left unprotected, will disappear into the sea."

"The arresting changes have left the lagoon packed with lumps of melting glacial ice that are melting and flowing into the sea.

"In the past, the beautiful lagoon remained unfrozen even in winter except for the occasional drifting iceberg.

"But now, as these aerial images show, it appears like a solid mass even in the summer ... the rapid influx of ice is seen as a chilling reminder that greenhouses gases are altering the planet."  

See entire misleading article and photos

Thanks to Andrew in the UK for this link
It looks to me like a glacier that is growing is being touted as
          actually melting away because of global warming," says Andrew.
        "Looks like we are now experiencing bare-faced lies to maintain
         the warming myth."

        "Good example of slanted, lazy reporting and a closed mind-set,"
          says Ian Steere in Ashtead, England. "A glacier expands rapidly,
          but you introduce your article with the opposite message and
          present the event as a symptom of global warming."





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