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Brutal Winters Ahead, says Meteorologist

Major La Nina

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10 Sep 10 - The Pacific Ocean has been in its warm cycle since the late 1970s, says meteorologist Joe Bastardi. But we're now switching back to the cold phase and a major La Nina.

The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) is the major driver of global climate, says Bastardi, and the winters ahead are going to be brutal.

Back in 1998 we had a super El Nio, which brought on - by satellite standards - the warmest year on record. Then came the nasty winter of 01-02.

This time will be different, says Bastardi. The wild card is that we were at a peak of solar activity at that time, whereas now solar activity is "feeble at best."

"Yeah, sunspots are more than they than they were last year," says Bastardi. "But the overall number of sunspots is down. And if we were measuring it the way we were in the 1800s, it wouldn't be near as high as it is now. Now we have this revisionist way of doing things."

Major La Nina

Now we’re headed into a major La Nina that’s going to last for the next couple of years. When we come out of that, there’s really good reason to believe the winter of 2012-13, and perhaps beyond, is going to be quite cold.

Then there are the wild cards such as Arctic volcanoes, says Joe, and the fact that the current La Nina has come on faster and harder than anything he can remember.



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