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Burt Rutan weighs in

 "Green planet advocates" should be arguing for more CO2


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17 Sep 10 - "Those who call themselves "Green planet advocates" should be arguing for a CO2- fertilized atmosphere, not a CO2-starved atmosphere," says Rutan.  "Just do a bit of research and you will find that diversity increases when the planet was warm AND had high CO2 atmospheric content."  

"You will also find that we almost had a planet catastrophe when the atmospheric CO2 went down to its low of 180 parts per million.  Below 150 ppm, plants die and then we animals die.  A more ideal atmosphere for a green planet (4 or 5 times the current CO2) is what we had when the dinosaurs roamed a planet that was nearly all green, pole to pole."

"Oh, BTW, Al Gore's personal behavior supports a green planet - his enormous energy use with his 4 homes and his bizjet, does indeed help make the planet greener.  Cudos, Al for doing your part to save the planet.....

Lots of data out there and here is a good place to start:
Thanks to Burt Rutan for this link

Here's an excerpt from the above link:

"It looks to me like the history and the geology and the biology all pretty much say “Warm is good, cold is bad.” Unfortunately, the patterns of the cycles say “it’s cold now, but the last warm didn’t get very warm, and we’re headed for even colder real soon in geologic time scales. Hundreds of years scale.

. . . it was hotter from 7500 BC to 3000 BC than it is today…

Just saying…

Who is Burt Rutan?

Burt Rutan was Time magazine's "100 most influential people in the world, 2004" and Inc. Magazine's "Entrepreneur of the Year." Newsweek called him "the man responsible for more innovations in modern aviation than any living engineer." (After this, Time may call him the greatest persona non grata of the year.)

Rutan has received hundreds of awards including: Presidential Citizen's Medal, Two Collier Trophies, Academy of Achievement Golden Plate and the Charles Lindbergh Award. He has developed 44 new aircraft types since 1972 including; Voyager (1986 RTW-non refueled), SpaceShipOne (2004 Funded by Paul Allen, winner of X-prize) and the first commercial spaceship - SpaceShipTwo (2009 Funded by Sir Richard Branson).





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