CNN Features Misleading Story

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CNN Features Dishonest Story
Huge Antarctic ice chunk collapses

26 Mar 08 - My friend Dan Hammer at has addressed this breathless story about gullible warming in a wonderful manner, so I'll let you read his words.


I am honestly disgusted with On their home page right now their big story is the collapse of a huge chunk of ice in Antarctica as a result of worsening global warming. That is exactly how they play this story out. But lets look at the reality of the situation.

It has been proven already that the planet has been cooling for a number of years now. It is the very southern most part of the planet that is leading the charge. Over the last three months the very southern most part of the planet (as observed by satellite) has been no warmer than -0.780 degrees c BELOW normal.

What about the size of this huge chunk? I mean if you listen to you'd think that something the size of Manhattan or 160 square miles was significant. To a little tiny person it might be significant. But in reality it is a non story. Antarctic ice covers 5,297,000 square miles. This represents at most a loss of 0.00415% Huge? Not at all. If I were to lose four one-thousandth of a percent of anything I'd pretty much consider it to be a non existent loss.


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I (Robert) would like to point out that much of that 5,297,000 square miles of ice that Dan talks about is one- to two-miles thick, whereas the chunk that broke off was only a few hundred feet thick, which reduces the percentage to an even greater absurdity.

I'd also like to mention that the CNN article said "It was the edge of the Wilkins ice shelf and has been there for hundreds, maybe 1,500 years." 

Doesn’t that imply that the edge of the Wilkins ice shelf wasn’t there earlier thana few hundred years ago? Or 1,500 years ago? Wouldn’t that imply that it must have been even warmer back then than it is today? Did we humans cause that warming, too?

You can view the full article here:
Thanks Dan. Thanks also to Marion Terrell for this link

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