California Glaciers Growing

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California Glaciers Growing

So let’s rhapsodize about global warming

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9 Jul 08 – An AP article today written by Samantha Young admits that all seven glaciers on California’s Mount Shasta are growing. The article then goes on to rhapsodize about global warming. 

The seven tongues of ice creeping down Mount Shasta's flanks “are the only known glaciers
in the continental U.S. that are growing,” the article says.

               How convenient. Let’s ignore Crater Glacier on Mount
               St. Helens, which is not only growing but is now larger
               than it was prior to the 1980 eruption that entirely
               obliterated it.  

               How convenient. Let’s ignore the fact that the Nisqually
               Glacier on Mount Rainier - the most continuously monitored
               glacier in the northern hemisphere - is growing.

               How convenient. Let’s ignore the fact that the glaciers
               are growing on Washington’s Mount Shuksan.

               How convenient. Let’s limit our discussion to the
               continental U.S. That way we can ignore the glaciers
               in Alaska that are advancing a third of a mile per year.

Oh, the article does throw a bone to Alaska. “Glaciologists say most glaciers in Alaska and
Canada are retreating, too,” the article says, “but there are too many to study them all.”

               How convenient. Let’s make sure to study only the ones
               that are retreating.

“Although Mount Shasta's glaciers are growing, researchers say the 4.7 billion cubic feet of
ice on its flanks could be gone by 2100,” the article continues.

               Let me see if I understand this. The glaciers on Mount
               Shasta are growing (one has doubled in size) … but they’re
               going to be gone by 2100?

“Climate change is causing roughly 90 percent of the world's mountain glaciers to shrink,”
the article continues.

               How convenient. Let’s restrict our conversation to
               mountain glaciers. Let’s ignore the East Antarctic Ice
               Sheet, which covers almost five million square miles, and
               is growing. Growing! The East Antarctic Ice Sheet is
               almost 100 times bigger than all of the rest of the world's
               glaciers put together, which means that 90 percent of the
               world’s glaciers are growing.
               Please let your local news sources know that you don’t
               appreciate this kind of cover up.,2933,378144,00.html
Thanks to Charlie Carnes, George Fitzsimmons, Travis J. Hill, Donald McQuaid, Gary
Remington, Dennis Cowdrick and Tom Meyer for these links.

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