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Does my "tiresome anger" offend you?

Reader complains about

my "unhealthy and emotional obsession


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I received the following email from someone who says they agree with my work, but are turned off by my "tiresome anger."

I won't deny it. I am angry at how the global warming movement is trying to destroy my freedom and my way of life. But still, I don't want to diminish my credibility.

So what do you think? Does this reader have a point? Would you take me more seriously if I toned down my comments? Frankly, I've thought I wasn't sounding angry enough.

(By the way, I refuse to remove the few cartoons that I've posted. I really like them, emotional obsession be damned.)


(See responses at end of this page)


* * *

Dear Robert,

Your work and science are wonderful, if not invaluable.  I believe as you do that we are in an imminent and profound global cooling shift.  This is why I wish you would stay focused on your science instead of your obvious and tiresome anger toward those who promote other theories of global climate change.  I get your point (believe me) and am not in disagreement with you, but your obsession with "the other point of view" comes across as unbecoming and seriously diminishes your credibility.  You sound more like a Tea Party activist than a scientist at times.  An isolated comment here and there would be one thing...but it comes across as an unhealthy and emotional obsession, frankly.  

I visit your web site each day and marvel at the evidence you are amassing to support your well considered and exhaustively researched theories.  This is a good thing.  When I see political cartoons proudly demonizing Al Gore or see constant back handed, sarcastic remarks concerning your obvious anti-global warming vendetta it honestly makes me take you less seriously.  I am speaking as someone who happens to agree with your work and wants to take you seriously and see others take you seriously.  You do not win other points of view over with this--you only add unconstructively to what is an already over-polarized (no pun intended) social and political climate.  Who does that help?  The corporate oligarchs really running the show (who are neither "democrats" or "republicans") love to divide and conquer us this way.  We all need to work together as a people to solve the problems we are facing. It would be nice to see you more concerned with that than simply "being right" and others "being wrong".   I know you are jaded by mainstream bias.  Whining about it isn't going to sway anyone.

You should truly allow the weight of the positive and excellent evidence you present be your calling card, not your sarcasm.  Rise above the rest.  You'll reach a much bigger audience.  The skeptical will be swayed and they will respect you for it.

I am feeling frustrated as I write this and do not mean to offend you. I am truly on your side.  I just hope some of what I am saying makes some positive sense and that you are able to accept my brash confrontation here in an understanding and genuinely constructive way.

A Caring Fan


Anger? What anger?  We should all be rabid and foaming at the mouths at the continuous barrage of lies, distortions and misinformation streaming constantly from the world's governments, especially our own, our academic institutions, our media and the UN and its appendages like the IPCC.  Hang in there and stoke up the coal fires: full speed ahead!!
Luis de Amechazurra

Tiresome anger? Oh please. I had to hold my nose to read that comment. 

Very typical tactic used by someone who is totally against you and wants you to shut up.  Instead of confronting you directly, this person takes the PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE approach. 

It's slimy, weaselly and disgusting, but in the end no different from any other piece of hate mail.  I recommend not taking any advice from people who hate you and want to shut you up.  Rather take it as a compliment: you must be effective and you must be getting to them if they pull out these slimy tactics against you.

Keep up the good work.   -John

Your anger is passion , and it's the scientific community that have been betrayed . You are angry, I am angry, and I read. We can't just accept this bollox. Keep up the good work. -Richard Habgood

Who is this fool who first berates you , tells you how you should operate your own website and then says he is a "caring" fan?
You are bang on when you say you haven't shown ENOUGH anger because NONE of us have! We should ALL be beating down the doors of the global warmist liars and forcing them to review the facts of global cooling. If your antagonist REALLY cared he would be doing nothing but praising your every effort to bring the truth to the masses. I think this guy is trying to discredit your work without it being too obvious. Ignore him and continue the GREAT work you have been doing. Stay the course and enlighten the masses. Many thanks for your efforts and good work.  -
C. Peter Davis, Wpg. MB

I have read and enjoyed both of your books and have been visiting your website daily for several years now.

I don't find that you comment with anger, but with more of a concern, although we should be angry that we are being "HAD" with the Global Warming propaganda.

That letter does appear to be from someone that doesn't share your opinions and wants to change your message in some way. The fact that they would not even sign their name is telling.

Thanks again for your excellent research and writing. Keep it going.
Tonny Burgess

Keep up the good work. Anger about fraudulent science is appropriate. I admire your work. Keep it real.                    -Bill Robards

Dear Mr. Felix,
I've been visiting your website for years now and hold your reporting in the highest regard.  I enjoy your refreshing perspective and appreciate your very appropriate sense of humor.  I read the 'tireless anger' letter you posted and it's not worth commenting on. You are a source of excellent and interesting news, your website is well-put-together and easy to navigate, and though you have definitely proven your tirelessness in your endeavors, I cannot think of a time when you ever appeared as angry. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep up the great work and don't let the haters mess wit'choo!   -Armand Presentati

I like your website. I often use facts from your site to enlighten people about the global warming hoax. However, I am fed up with all the political bashing going on. The political discourse needs to be more civil or we may be guilty of inciting riots and creating hate groups.

Just keep presenting the truth and let people make level headed decisions instead of getting them  emotional and making irrational decisions.
 Keep up the good work!              - Phil C.

I read your post about tiresome anger. I would not change anything if I was you.  keep up the excellent work you are doing. I gave your website to a couple of geologists a few weeks ago in northern Quebec and to my surprise they had a quick look at the site and booked marked it right away and said this one in worth keeping

 Have a good day,  -Sid in Canada

Robert. You are not angry enough! Please ignore this distraction.  Your work is too important. You are very calm and balanced as far as I can see.

Considering how much we are being lied to and stolen from because of weather fraud, there should be MUCH MORE ANGER from many, many more people.  You are almost a lone voice crying in the wilderness.  Why isn’t the lamestream media doing the job they have left for you to do?  Because they are part of the scam.

No matter what you do, 25% of the people will like you, 25% will not like you and 50% won’t care. 

So, please, keep being yourself!   -Stephanie Relfe

Anger? What anger?

I have never thought of your site as being angry, far from it. I sense frustration, but, is that in any way a 'turn off', not at all.

Thanks for the service you provide with your site!     - John McCann

My name is Paulo Monteiro and I agree a lot with your work. You're doing a wonderful job even You're right. Stay as you have been all the time and be genuine. Its only matters. Im a european who doesnt care about american politics, tea parties or others internal american affairs, but I appreciate your work and way of thinking about the climate debate. Dont change, because you will lose your sincerity and isnt so good as some may wish.

Sorry about my bad english and I wish you the best. -Paulo Monteiro

Only tiresome because of how often it's appropriate!
Keep up the good work!   -Joe Sevy

I agree with many of the other respondents referring to the request for you to dial back the anger. I never see anger in your posts just passion and sincere interest in the topics. I appreciate the time you take to update everyday with information on various subjects that are never aired or discussed anywhere else.

When the bottom drops out on the temperature, people will be looking at you in a different light and maybe your poster will realize how serious this all is. Serious subjects need to be presented in a serious and no-holds-barred method. Thanks.   -Lenore Smith, Wisconsin

Anger? What anger?

Several points...

First, as observed in several comments, it is perfectly appropriate to be angry about the lies we are being told, and the freedoms we would lose, not to mention the harm that continues to accrue as the faux Greenies advance their ever more destructive agenda.

Second, as also observed, you are ever the gentleman.  I wholly concur with 'Armand Presentati', who wrote, "I cannot think of a time when you ever appeared as angry."  So, even though anger is completely justified in this arena, I detect not a trace of it in your work.  ...a better man than I.

Finally, I just can't help but note how similar accusing you of anger is to accusing Conservatives of violence, racism, lies, and just overall lack of civility.  None of that is true.  In fact, if anything, it is psychological projection on the part of those who really do indulge in such aberrant behaviors; all in order to deflect attention from themselves, and falsely attribute it to those they hate, us.

The only reason they want you to stick to the science is that most people don't understand it, and if they can outshout you over the science, they may win. But, if you expose the shenanigans they are up to, people can understand that, and won't like it a bit.  The science and the exposure go hand in hand.  One without the other is weakened, and they know that.

The fact that you have them upset enough to indulge in such an amateurish attempt at psy-ops tells me you have hit a nerve.  If they consider what you do so dangerous they have to try to shut you up, by trying to trick you into censoring yourself, by all means keep doing what frightens them.    It's obviously working.

That said, I don't think a troll like that deserves any more attention than to illustrate the kind of deception to which the Left will stoop.

Best Regards, and thank you for all your excellent work.
Yonaton Hyland

Turn down the anger....that emailer must be on another planet!!! You're the "canary in the coal mine". We need "loud and persistent" canaries not meek and mild!!!! Global cooling is the most urgent situation this planet is facing and the scientific/political canaries are sleeping in their cages!! Turn up the heat! Regards, Andy

Anger? What anger? Keep up the good work. - Nelson Isada

The cartoons are class. Never remove them and never let anyone try to censor your website.                 - Jon Bigelow

Great blog and website.  Keep up the good work.  I just want the truth and you are providing the other side of the dialog regarding weather, politics, power and money.

I wish you had cartoons of Al Gore dolls buried in snow throughout the world, that would be funnnnnnny to me anyway.   -Doran Leitzell

I've been reading Ice Age Now for a while, Don't see you as angry at all, Enjoy the information presented. I think we are going into an Ice age also, just hard to time it. Keep up the good
work. - Dan Clements

Hi Robert,
anger? I think not.
extreme annoyance at being lied to, seeing falsehood after falsehood promulgated to scare people who  are kept dumbed down with ONLY approved Pro Warm media bias.
thats justifiable I feel.
when every single day I tune to the Govt funded so called Independent ABC Aus radio and hear an idiotic referral to something so far unrelated  it isnt passingly  credible, referred to as another example of Warming CC and now climate disruption.
sheesh! That person would REALLY see some anger if he was around my home! boy would he,

One bright spot is that we not to be gullible little folks have a petition going to address the Serious Temp errata thats been adjusted UP as the Bom and CSIRO in Aus.
New Zealands were doctored and shown to be so.
so have ours been!
Personally the amazingly stupid statements made by Gore et al with NO proof but models and their word.. is well worthy of satire, they deserve every toon and joke.
Laurel in Australia

"Keep blasting away at them Robert.....we got their attention.....I believe your website will save it gets colder by the day....I think the 'science is settled'....the 'little ice age' is here.....again!....God help us!"       - Jack Bailey

Keep up the good work.  And to the brave soul who didn't even have the nerve to put their name on the letter, go away!  Sooner rather than later.  Those who cannot stand passion have some other motive than the best interest of anyone but themselves.  Keep being passionate.  None of us will agree 100% on anything, but I come to your site everyday to see what has sparked your interest today.  Don't change anything!
-Paul Hull

My first thought was Gooood Grieeef!

The person who criticized you is either engaged in psy-ops to reduce your impact or they are a person with a very weak personality who cannot stand a robust discussion or debate. The situation we are in (with the global warmers diverting attention from the horrifying dangers we will be facing in the future) is way too dangerous for the faint of heart.

Please keep up with your comments. Many people who are new to the truth of the "global warming" scam actually will benefit from your comments. You often bring up the hypocrisy of the promoters of manmade global warming, giving historical context to much of what is being pushed.

I have often thought you were actually very mild in your comments. Please "Keep On Keeping On".   Regards, Beverley Vann

Yes, keep the comments out. Try to balance the reports (include pro and contra arguments for a global cool down - that adds credibility). Give top scientists room for brief guest articles.

These are exciting times for climate research of all disciplines. We are out for the truth, whatever it is (I personally think that in the next 30 years at least the odds for a period of global cooling are larger that the odds for a warming period)

I enjoy very much reading your www page.
PS: I really enjoyed your interview with the Swedish radio station.
(Name withheld by request)

Hey Robert, just seen the 'tiresome anger' comments.

     1. The person was respectful which means there is no
          no need to go ninja on them, as some have suggested.

     2. IF you're not p*ssed off and angry you don't know the truth.

Keep up the good work.
I heard the interview with Henrik, great stuff, the Steen mountain seems like the smoking gun from hell!!! I saw this on a doco called Magnetic Storm. How on earth can people see this and not see the bigga pitcha!

I wouldn't pay any attention to the negative email you received. The writer gave away his/her position when he said "your vendetta against the global warming movement". I, like most of the others, have not felt any 'anger' from you at all. I wouldn't call your thoughts about the AGW scam a vendetta. Your position comes from scientific fact, common sense, and logic. The consequences of this fraud if successful will be horrendous for us, the 'little people'.

Keep up the good work, and full speed ahead!      -Dean Yale







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