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Earth may be entering a new Ice Age  

Food shortages may lead to regional warfare


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6 Dec 10 - Astrophysicist Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of space research at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia, recently pronounced his belief that Earth will enter a little Ice Age as early as 2014, says this article by Terrence Aym.

Such a period of cooling could last as long as two centuries and be ruinous, Aym warns. "Whereas global warming would be a good thing, a mini-Ice Age could be disastrous: growing seasons would be shortened, more energy must be extended to stay warm, and food shortages may lead to breakouts of regional warfare."

The last little ice age occurred between 1650 and 1850 and "accounted for many crop failures, outbreaks of famines and mass migrations," says Aym.

According to Abdussamatov, "Long-term variations in the amount of solar energy reaching the Earth are the main and principal reasons driving and defining the whole mechanism of climatic changes from the global warmings to the Little Ice Ages to the big glacial periods."

"The Russian scientist is concerned about this move towards an extending cooling period. He states, "and as for what lies ahead in the coming decades, it is not catastrophic warming, but a global, and very prolonged temperature drop."

"If Abdussamatov's calculation is true—and the observable and historical data seem to support it—then the countries of the world are moving exactly in the wrong direction to deal with an impending Ice Age. Al Gore notwithstanding, global cooling is much more dangerous than global warming.

"Future decrease in global temperature will occur even if anthropogenic ejection of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere rises to record levels," says Abdussamatov. "Over the past decade, global temperature on the Earth has not increased; global warming has ceased, and already there are signs of the future deep temperature drop."
See entire article:
Thanks to Jeff Rense and Eric Jones for this link

I met Dr Abdussamatov in May of this year at the Heartland Institute's 4th International Conference on Climate Change in Chicago (which IceAgeNow co-sponsored). I posted his prediction at that time.




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