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Exploring underwater volcanoes near New Zealand

How much heat are they pumping into the sea?


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9 Apr 11 - Scientists aboard the research vessel Tangaroa will use a free-diving robotic vehicle to explore five major submarine volcanoes in the Kermadec Arc for mineral deposits and hydrothermal activity.

The Kermadec Arc, a chain of 94 submarine volcanoes north of New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean, contains many active volcanoes.

The voyage is the first project in an international program involving GNS Science, Niwa, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Whoi) from the United States.

"Many of the volcanoes have highly active hydrothermal vent systems, which are home to unique biological communities of animals which thrive in the very hot and chemically-rich environments." said project leader Cornel de Ronde of GNS Science.

The submarine volcanoes - Clark, Rumble II West, Healy, Brothers, and Rumble III - are all huge, ranging from about the size of New Zealand's Mount Ngauruhoe to larger than Mount Ruapehu.

For comparison, Mount Ngauruhoe stands about 1.4 miles (2.4 km) tall, while Mount Ruapehu, with its three peaks all measuring more than 1.6 miles (2.7 km) high, is the largest active volcano in New Zealand.

Although I think the mission would have found more volcanic activity during an active El Ni
o, it will still be interesting to learn how much heat these huge underwater volcanoes are pumping into the sea.

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