Glacier grows in cauldron of Mt. St. Helens 

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Against odds, glacier grows
in cauldron of Mt. St. Helens


15 May 08 – “On May 18, 1980, the once bucolic ice-cream cone shape that defined Mount St. Helens in Washington state disappeared in monstrous blast of ash, rock, gas, and heat.

“Inside the volcano, which was once a soft dome of snow but is now a gaping, steaming menace with an unpredictable streak, an unexpected phenomenon is taking place: a glacier is growing.

“In these days of global warming concerns and scientists showing alarming then-and-now images of glaciers disappearing from mountainsides, it may be the only growing glacier in America - or maybe the world.

               What a lie!

“Researcher Joseph Walder with the U.S. Geological Survey says the shade from the crater wall is allowing the glacier to grow in height by about 15 feet per year.

“But that's not the only thing driving the unlikely growth of the glacier, which shares the crater with a lava dome that is hot enough in most places to instantly boil water.

               The only growing glacier in America or the world?  

               - Look south, where all seven glaciers on Mount Shasta are growing.
               - Look north, where Washington’s Nisqually Glacier is growing.
               - Look farther north, where glaciers on Washington’s Mt. Shuksan
                 are growing.
               - Look west, where all 50 New Zealand glaciers are growing.
               - More than 90% of the world’s glaciers are growing, and
                 someone publishes lies like this?


               Four years ago, the snow and ice in the crater was equal in volume
               to all of the pre-eruption glaciers on Mount St. Helens combined
               prior to the eruption ... and the news media is just now writing
               about it. It’s an absolute travesty how people are being mislead.
 Thanks to Clay Olson for this link



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