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Glaciers Skating Away Fast!

That's what the headline says. But when you read the article you find that the Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier southeast of Greenland is advancing at the rate of more than seven miles (12 km) per year!

Advancing! The title would have you believe that it's shrinking, caused by "global warming."

What a masterful piece of deception.


23 Jul 2005 - According to glaciologists, the Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier southeast of Greenland is now moving towards the sea at the "astonishing" rate of more than seven miles (12 km) per year. 

The discovery came after recent measurements of the glacier were compared to those taken by NASA in 2002. During the 20th century the Kangerdlugssuaq glacier remained stable. Now it appears to be moving as much as 38 meters (117 feet) per day.

"Glaciers act in the same way that a river does with a source and a mouth. The source is high in the mountains or at a higher latitude, where snow falls to contribute to the source of the glacier and to feed it, allowing for advancement. This is rather like a conveyor belt, where snow falls at the top of the mountain, this additional 
weight pushes the ice sheet further down, and then ends in the sea, where parts will break off to become icebergs. 

The article blames the glacier's advance on "global warming." 

They want it both ways, don't they? 
If the glaciers recede, it must be caused by "global warming."
And if they advance? It must be "global warming."
The trouble is that the public believes it.
What a masterful piece of deception.

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