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Greenland Ice Cap Growing Thicker

So let's blame global warming

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20 Oct 2005 - Greenland 's ice-cap has thickened slightly in recent 
years despite wide predictions of a thaw, scientists said today. Satellite
measurements show that more snowfall is thickening the ice-cap, 
especially at high altitudes, according to the report in the journal Science.

"The overall ice thickness changes are ... approximately plus 5 cms 
(1.9 inches) a year or 54 cms (21.26 inches) over 11 years," according
to the experts at Norwegian, Russian and U.S. institutes led by Ola 
Johannessen at the Mohn Sverdrup center for Global Ocean Studies 
and Operational Oceanography in Norway.

The article then blathers on about how this is consistent with global warming.

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15 Feb 08 - The ice between Canada and southwestern 
Greenland has reached its highest level in 15 years.
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Rate of discharge at two of Greenland’s largest glaciers slows

13 Feb 07 - Glacial Discharge Slows

Greenland glacier advancing 7.2 miles per year! The BBC recently ran a documentary, The Big Chill, saying that we could be on the verge of an ice age. Britain could be heading towards an Alaskan-type climate within a decade, say scientists, because the Gulf Stream is being gradually cut off. The Gulf Stream keeps temperatures unusually high for such a northerly latitude.

One of Greenland’s largest glaciers has already doubled its rate of advance, moving forward at the rate of 12 kilometers (7.2 miles) per year. To see a transcript of the documentary, go to


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15 Feb 07 - See Himalayan Glaciers Not Shrinking

          More than 90 percent of the world's glaciers are growing thicker …
          while the media keeps yelling about the ones that are melting.

Here's a note from Michael Jenkins, CPA:

"I flew over southeastern Greenland in August, expecting to see lots of green coastline, with all the supposed melting we read about. Instead, it looked like the dead of winter to us, with ice everywhere, filling the valleys down to the seashore. Not a speck of green visible, on a clear day.  No wonder the Vikings had to abandon their settlements."





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