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Headed for a Grand Solar Minimum

And a Grand Cooling!

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21 Jun 10 - Email from Dr. John van Kampen

Prof. dr. Cees de Jager is a prominent astronomer and solar expert and former head of the Utrecht University Observatory "Zonneberg" - The Netherlands.

He claims (and has been doing so for a long time already) that we are bound for a long period of very low solar activity. He and his colleagues think we are headed for a "long Grand Minimum" - either a Gleisberg or a Maunder Minimum - "not shorter than a century."

         A sunspot of cycle 23 (equator) and first sunspot of cycle 24 (top). (4 Jan 08).

This means, but is not explicitly expressed by Dr. de Jager, that we are bound for a grand cooling.

I know Prof. de Jager in person and I have great respect for his scientific and skeptical attitudes. If he says so, it will appear so. I have no reason to doubt his expertise - I never have!

Best regards,
Dr. John van Kampen mcij

See : S. Duhau and C. de Jager: The Forthcoming Grand Minimum of Solar Activity; Journal of Cosmology, 2010, vol. 8, 1983 – 1999.
Thanks to Dr. John van Kampen for this link.
Thanks also to analytical chemist Hans Schreuder in the U.K.
                     Important note:
                     If you actually read the published paper, Dr. de Jager says there is
                     a regrettable printing error in Section 5 (Summary and Conclusions).

                     In line 2 of the 2nd paragraph where it says, "In turn, that cycle
                     precludes the forthcoming Grand Minimum...', it should read: 'In
                     turn, that cycle precedes the forthcoming Grand Minimum ...' 
                     (Personal communication from Hans Schreuder).

Info about the Utrecht University Observatory:




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