Ice Patrol

Not by Fire but by Ice


Icebergs and the TITANIC


The next time you hear someone talk about global warming, ask them when the warming took place. "During this century," they'll probably say.

True but misleading. Most of the warming occurred before 1940. Average annual temperatures have been falling, in a stepwise fashion, ever since.

Ask the TITANIC. When the RMS TITANIC slammed into that infamous iceberg on April 15, 1912, it created a furor around the world. And it raised the question. "Why aren't we tracking iceberg movement?"

The U.S. Navy immediately assigned two Scout Cruisers to patrol for icebergs south of 48 N Latitude. Two years later, the U.S. Coast Guard took over, and has operated the International Ice Patrol ever since.

In 1913, the year after the Ice Patrol was established, 543 icebergs were spotted south of 48 N Latitude. The number then declined until 1940, when only one iceberg floated south of the line.

Then the number began rising, in a stepwise fashion, until 1994, when 1765 icebergs were sighted south of the line.

This increase in the number of icebergs spotted south of 48 N Latitude is yet more evidence that temperatures were rising prior to 1940, and have been falling ever since.

Check it out for yourself at the Ice Patrol's home page

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