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It's not about the science, stupid

They don't give a crap about the science

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28 May 10 - Shortly after I submitted my article "Lieberman-Kerry bill predicated on a lie" to the Independent Individualist, I received the following reply from the editor. (He didn't call me stupid, but I thought that would make a good title.)

Here's what he had to say:

Please don't take this as a criticism of you or your article, but there is a point I've been making for a long time. The environmentalists have pulled off a slight-of-hand trick that everyone has fallen for. By making everyone believe the debate is about, "science," they've won the main issue without debate. Your last sentence is an example:

"Do we really want to pass a control-and-tax bill; do we really want to destroy our economy, based on the lie of 'unprecedented global warming'"?

The issue is not whether there is global warming or not. It doesn't even matter. The issue is, nothing justifies oppression, nothing justifies any government controlling people's lives or businesses. Government has no business doing anything but protecting individual liberty, and the right of every individual to live their lives as they choose. The moment the emphasis is off of that, it is a tacit admission that some disaster, some pending catastrophe, cancels truth, and justifies oppression. The entire global warming debater has done exactly that, and the liberals and leftists have won.

Now, I know anthropogenic global warming is bunk, and at least for science's sake, needs to be exposed. But, in terms of politics, it's the wrong debate, and no one is addressing the correct one.



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I agree one hundred percent with Regi's assessment. The people pushing the global warning lie don't give a crap about the science. They only care about how much they can get away with.

And yes, unfortunately they are winning.

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