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Lull in global warming caused by Asia pollution


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5 Jul 11- "Asia pollution blamed for halt in warming," reads Reuters headline. "Smoke belching from Asia's rapidly growing economies is largely responsible for a halt in global warming in the decade after 1998 because of sulphur's cooling effect, even though greenhouse gas emissions soared."

"Global warming lull down to China's coal growth," reads BBC News headline. "The lull in global warming from 1998 to 2008 was mainly caused by a sharp rise in China's coal use."  

"Chinese coal powered stations cooling the planet," headlines the Huffington Post. "Sulphur pollutants from coal-fired power stations in China have tended to cool the global climate over the past decade in contrast to the warming effect resulting from rising concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases."

The headline in The Independent reads "China’s power stations generate ‘future spike’ in global warming," whatever that means.

Finally, the mainstream media admits that the earth has indeed been cooling!

"It has been unclear why global surface temperatures did not rise between 1998 and 2008," said a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

"Anthropogenic activities that warm and cool the planet largely cancel after 1998, which allows natural variables to play a more significant role," the paper said.

Researchers from Boston and Harvard Universities and Finland's University of Turku found that China's coal use doubled 2002-2007, and although burning the coal produced more warming carbon dioxide, it also put more tiny sulphate aerosol particles into the atmosphere which cool the planet by reflecting solar energy back into space.

China's coal consumption doubled over two decades from 1980. But from 2002, it doubled again in the five years to 2007.

Sulphur allows water drops or aerosols to form, creating hazy clouds which reflect sunlight back into space.

But global warming diehards want it both ways.

"Sulfur particles in the air deflect the sun's rays and can temporarily cool things down a bit," explains the Huffington Post. "That can happen even as coal-burning produces the carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming."

"Humans affect the climate in two ways. They warm it by emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and they cool it by emitting sulphur in the form of sulphate particles which have the effect of reflecting sunlight," said lead author Robert Kaufmann from Boston University.

"This means that taken together, humans have had relatively little effect overall on global average surface temperatures over the 10 years, which means that natural fluctuations have predominated," he added.

In other words, we nasty humans are simultaneously, miraculously, causing both global warming and global cooling at the same time!

They're just not able to let it go. Even though they're talking about global cooling, they still prattle on about global warming.

"Atmospheric scientists and environmentalists are concerned that continued rising temperatures could have serious impacts worldwide, ranging from drought in some areas, changes in storm patterns, spread of tropical diseases and rising sea levels," concludes the Huffington Post. "Sulfur's cooling effect is only temporary, while the carbon dioxide from coal burning stays in Earth's atmosphere a long time."

The study was inspired by "sceptical" questioning, said Kaufmann. "Even before this paper there wasn't much scientific evidence for denying climate change, and now I don't see any credible scientific contradiction.”

Piers Forster from the UK's Leeds University, who led the IPCC chapter analysing factors affecting global temperatures, said the new study was "interesting and worthwhile".

"It needs to be emphasised that any masking is short-lived, and the increased CO2 from the same coal will remain in the atmosphere for many decades and dominate the long-term warming over the next decades," said Forster.

Robert Kaufmann is in no doubt that temperatures will pick up if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.

"People can choose not to believe in [man-made] climate change - but the correct term here is 'belief' - believing is an act of faith, whereas science is a testing of hypotheses and seeing whether they hold up against real world data," said Kaufmann. "Even before this paper there wasn't much scientific evidence for denying climate change, and now I don't see any credible scientific contradiction - if people don't believe it, it'll be because they choose not to believe it."

"Long term warming will continue unless emissions are reduced," said Peter Stott, head of climate monitoring at Britain's Met Office.

Simon Lewis, of the University of Leeds, said that the study could be easily misinterpreted: "While sulphur emissions do have a cooling effect, this is only short-term. Meanwhile, the carbon dioxide emissions will lead to a long-term planetary warming."

The researchers also noted - I imagine begrudgingly - that declining solar activity over the period and an overall change from El Nino to La Nina conditions in the Pacific Ocean contributed to the temperature plateau.

So maybe, just maybe, declining solar activity might be contributing to the cooling. And maybe, just maybe, La Nina might also have something to do with it.

Gosh, it must hurt to admit that natural forces might be at work here.

See entire articles: e-lsquofuture-spikersquo-in-global-warming-2306976.html

Thanks to Burt Rutan, Andrew Bevan, Stew Stewart, Bry Reid, Steven Woodcock, Warren Kirk and David W. Swineford for these links


"What is interesting to me is the Media silence during a clear conflict of huge proportions," says Burt. "For years we were told that horrible global warming was occurring, and that China's burning of coal was a key culprit.  Now, these "scientists" report that the last decade had cooled, and the culprit was....are you ready??  "China burning coal".

How the media cannot at least question, or at least study the data after this, shows they are playing politics, not reporting climate science.
- Burt Rutan

The "Alarmists" are desperate to find an explanation for the fact that warming has stopped. They are so inconsistent: they usually claim it has NOT stopped, and by the way, did you hear us say "warming"? We never said that; we said "Climate Change", and, more recently, "GCD", or "Global Climatic Disruption".

Sadly, the National Academy of Science is in the hands of the AGW crowd, which caused a lot of senior skeptics to get out.
- Ed Friedrichs 

Unbelievable. What will probably be even more unbelievable is that people will willingly buy into it.
- Steven Woodcock

Now it’s China’s fault we don’t have global warming. Maybe we should nominate China for a Peace Prize for saving the world.

"One other thing…. If you have ever seen the History Channel special on the “Little Ice Age” … they said one of the reasons we came out of the little ice age was the industrial age put CO2 into the atmosphere and global warming got us out of the little ice age (what a crock).

The industrial age was fired by coal… so where was the sulfur in the upper atmosphere that is cooling us now because China is using so much coal.

So many contradictions!!!"     
- David Swineford

Sooo we need to burn more coal?
- Rick Extraordinaire

Interesting how pollution now causes global cooling. Also interesting how they barely mention "natural cooling effects" such as lower solar output.
- Stew Stewart

It amazes me that some folks are saying that it is just a reprieve.

In looking at the long-term atmospheric temperature vs. time in years graphs, I would be more inclined to say that the fact that the global temperature is now flat or dropping could very well mean that we are about to "go over the edge of the cliff".

Lest I forget to mention it, thank you very much for the relevant news stories on your website; I monitor them daily.     
- David Williams

ISN'T IT TIME that we, the proprietary citizens of this country and not 600-odd poorly qualified individuals who have merely been elected to form a Parliament, insisted that this global warming nonsense is DROPPED right NOW ?

There has been NO global warming since 1995 for God's sake - 16 years !

How long does it take to convince our know-all scientists and politicians that they got it hopelessly wrong and have been spending billions of our money on a misguided load of 'horlicks' and a cross between the 17th Century Tulip Craze and The Emperor's New Clothes.
Wake up you dolts ! The Emperor is naked ... and so are YOU !
-  Trevor D

THE GREAT BIG GREEN SCAM - Global warming my Aunt Fanny! We will still be forking out green taxes when the world disappears beneath a carpet of snow and ice. Global warming and the resultant 'Carbon credits' are a nice cosy way for governments to exploit those who they are supposed to represent. Al Gore's 'inconvenient truth' is global cooling, not warming.       
- Nikolai77

NO GLOBAL WARMING BUT PLENTY OF TAX !... Holland has banned any more windmills !! They don't work.

Every Electricity Bill now has Green Taxes...every Gas Bill has green taxes..they even tried to put green taxes on Water Bills but thought that they might not get away with it.

They will. because the British taxpayers have been taken for fools by every government.. They think that the British will pay for anything everywhere...because they do.

Pay up Britain...until you learn to vote properly.
- Jon O


Historical facts show that increase in CO2 concentrations lag increased temperatures over a period of time. So we have just had a ten year experience of NO appreciable increase in average temperatures despite China, India, USA etc churning out more CO2.Historical records on CO2 concentrations are thus following a definite pattern.

But the so called Climate Scientists will manipulate the figures and come up with some airy fairy explanation, probably saying that CFCs are responsible for a cooling effect. CFCs are gases used in many aerosols.

So you might say, well we need more CFCs if they help cool but no, they destroy the Ozone layer which protects us from Ultra Violet radiation. Meanwhile Water Vapour, the predominant engine along with the obvious,the Sun,are played down. These Climate Scientists are truly not real scientists but Creative Accountants.
- Mudds

NUTS !!!!!!!! Britain bankrupts itself to save the world from GW while China steps on the coal burning pedal . Our idiot politicians see no harm in this .

Never vote LibLabCon again, there is not one thing in their favour as the train builders of Derby have just found out .
- Wat


Al Gore of the USA is laughing all the way to the bank with his interests in global warming, the only country that's serious over global warming other than some island nations is Britain, yet we are 17th on the list of polluters behind the USA, Australia, and many European countries, we alone cannot make any change to global warming and are fools to try, this government and any other UK government has no right to penalise our industries in a futile bid to reduce Co2.

Wake up we are being mugged by the global warming fanatics who are so deep into our political system they are dangerous, read the works by Milutin Milankovic and Mukil Sharma then realise we are puny little humans who can do nothing, we are not like the fantasy save the world movies make us out to be, they are just that fantasies while we remain ordinary humans.
- Euripides

"The good Lord has one hell of a good sense of humor. The so called experts being paid to manufacture global warming statistics are now faced with global cooling. What causes global cooling, global warming of course. :o) Do they bother to research the fact that the earth goes through cycles of warming and cycles of cooling? No."
- Michael Smith

This was in the daily express in England today quite funny they admit we are cooling now but blame china for it. - Warren Kirk





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