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Claim 95% of Meteorologists Skeptical


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19 Feb 07 - Increasing numbers of scientists and climate experts are growing more skeptical of predictions of a man-made catastrophe.

Ohio TV meteorologists, Dan Webster, Dick Goddard, Mark Johnson, Mark Nolan and John Loufman, mock the UN's global warming alarmism. "You tell me you’re going to predict climate change based on 100 years of data for a rock that’s 6 billion years old?" Johnson said.

"I’m not sure which is more arrogant; to say we caused (global warming) or that we can fix it," Nolan said. "Mr. Webster observed that in his dealings with meteorologists nationwide, that about 95% share his skepticism about global warming."

From The Cleveland Plain Dealer, 16 Feb 07: "TV Weathermen Downplay Global Warming Fears."

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Thanks to Craig Adkins for this link.

And here’s a quote from Kentucky meteorologist Chris Allenā’s blog on the 2007 UN IPCC global warming report:

"Just because major environmental groups, big media and some politicians are buying this hook, line and sinker doesn't mean as a TV weatherperson I am supposed to act as a puppy on a leash and follow along," Allen said in his blog titled "Still Not Convinced" on February 7, 2007. Allen has the Seal of Approval of the National Weather Association and is the chairman of the Kentucky Weather Preparedness Committee.

"As I have stated before, not only do I believe global climate change exists - it has always existed. There have been times of global warming and cooling," Allen, who is with WBKO in Bowling Green, added.
Thanks to Craig Adkins for this link.



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