Montagu Island

Not by Fire but by Ice



 Updated 24 November 2005      


Volcanic eruption under ice sheet - 23 Nov 05 - A rare volcanic eruption is rapidly expanding the size of an island in the South Atlantic, scientists announced today.

New satellite images show that Montagu Island, a volcano in the South Sandwich Islands, has grown by 50 acres (0.2 square kilometers) in the last month as lava pours into the sea.  

Surely, someone will find a way to blame this on "global warming."
River of red lava flowing through the ice and pouring into the sea.                                                          Credit: HIGP/BAS

"Red hot lava has formed a molten river 90 meters wide [99 yards] that is moving fast, possibly several meters per second and extending the shoreline on the north side of the island," said John Smellie of British Antarctic Survey (BAS). "This event is special because Montagu Island is mostly ice covered and it's very rare that we get to make direct observations of eruptions under ice sheets."

"This opportunity to monitor a live eruption and see how it affects ice cover is priceless," he said. 

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        (Thanks to both Jim Hager and David Gendron for telling me about this article.)




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