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More than a million angry voters descend on
Washington, DC

Media tries to hide extent of protest


15 Sep 09 – The media is trying to downplay the enormity of this protest by telling you in an offhand manner that “thousands” of people showed up, and then moving on to other “more important” subjects.

But the fact is that that more than a million angry voters descended on Washington, DC on Saturday. They were protesting the government’s attempts to remove their freedoms and control their lives.

Photo by Rep Bill Posey

Foreign newspapers were more honest. The Daily Mail's headline read "A million march to US Capitol to protest against ‘Obama the socialist’"

One internet article estimated the crowd at up to two million

"People continue to arrive despite access roads being closed to traffic - they must have walked for miles,” texted Rep. Bill Posey. “Just announced 1.5 million people are here. Electrifying! Crowd just as enthusiastic as the moment it started. What a cross section of America. Every age and description you could possibly imagine."

An estimated 4500 buses were permitted to come into DC to drop off their Tea Partiers. Do the math: 55 passengers per bus. More than a quarter million people! And that's just the buses.

DC Police reported that there were more people on Capitol Hill Saturday than on BO's Inauguration Day.

Lawmakers, it’s time to start listening!

Stop trying to pass your stupid Cap-and-Trade (Control-and-Tax) laws! Don’t try to work out a “deal.” Don’t try to work out a “compromise.” Stop stealing from us “for the sake of the planet.” Leave us alone!

Stop trying to pass your stupid Health Care laws. Don’t try to work out a “deal.” Don’t try to work out a “compromise.” Stop stealing from us “for the sake of the greater good.” Leave us alone!

Here’s a youtube video of the masses streaming by. 

See more photos: y/

Thanks to L. Gardy LaRoche for this link





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