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Record snow at California ski resorts

Several more feet on the way


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21 Mar 11 - With the latest storm dropping feet of snow, not mere inches, on California's Sierra over the last four days, many ski resorts are setting records for season snowfall, says this article by Becky Lomax.

The current storm, which rolled into the Sierra on March 18, dropped 5-to-8 feet of snow from Mammoth Mountain to Lake Tahoe.

At least four resorts, Squaw Valley USA, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Sierra-at-Tahoe, and Boreal Mountain Resort have already topped 600 inches this season, with more snow on the way. With 679 inches of total snowfall so far, Boreal could easily hit 700 inches for the season.

Six hundred inches! That's 50 feet! Five stories! More than 15 meters!

More than 5 feet of snow fell on Heavenly Mountain Resort in four days during the recent storm, making this its third-best season, while Alpine Meadows recorded the latest snowstorm as its 4th-largest three-day storm on record.

With more than 500 inches of snowfall so far, Northstar-at-Tahoe has seen the most snow in 25 years.

Mammoth Mountain recorded up to 8 feet of snow from Friday through Monday - four of those feet in just 24 hours. Mammoth topped the 500-inch mark, a record it's only reached six times since 1970, and again, there's still more to come.

Forecasters expect that another storm, beginning Wednesday, will drop several more feet of snow on the Sierra.
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24-hour snow reports for assorted U.S. and B.C. ski resorts






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