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Record snowpack spoils Memorial Day plans 

across West  

Skiing is great - Camping lousy to non-existent	  

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27May 11 - Lingering record snowpacks will make Memorial Day weekend feel decidedly wintry in the Rocky Mountains, as well as California's Sierra Nevada, says this article in the Contra Costa Times.

Yellowstone Lake still frozen solid on 21 May 2011
Robert Felix

Epic snowpacks in parts of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and California have ski resorts bustling with activity, while traditional Memorial Day campgrounds remain covered with snow.

With May snow depths "deeper than anything we have seen in the last 45 years," Yellowstone National Park has just one campground open.

I just came back from a trip to Yellowstone where a key highway into the park remains closed because parts of the road have seen more than 25 feet of snow. The major north-south road through the park was open, but major snow banks remain in many areas.

Major snow banks in Yellowstone on 21 May 2011
Robert Felix

In Oregon, some resorts are still trying to dig out cabins - let alone campgrounds - from the snow; campers in Idaho risk being turned back by lingering drifts or muddy, impassable roads; 17-foot snow drifts have forced closure of Trail Ridge Road in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park, and some popular campgrounds in California's Tahoe National Forest aren't expected to open for several weeks.

Meanwhile, the skiing is great.

With three more inches of snow overnight, Washington's Crystal Mountain Resort just broke its all-time snowfall record today, and will be open for skiing all weekend. As of today they've received 600 inches of snow, breaking the previous record of 596 inches set in 1998/99.

In Colorado, "Aspen is reopening 136 acres of trails for skiing this weekend, and Arapahoe Basin has extended its closing dates beyond June 5."

The Lake Tahoe region along the California-Nevada border is "getting amazing ski traffic for this time of year," and it's snowing like crazy at Idaho's Lookout Ski and Recreation Area near the Montana line.

So much for global warming.

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