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Royal Society continuing cover-up & dereliction

of duty, says astrophysicist

Failed science and fraudulent data  


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30 Sep 10 - The Royal Society today published a new document on Climate Change in response to some of its members concerns about overblown claims 

Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist and highly successful long-range weather and climate forecaster of commented:

"Curiously it has been suggested that the Royal Society is now somehow bowing to Climate Change Sceptics.  Firstly the use of the word sceptics is inappropriate because no-one is sceptical of the fact that climate has been changing for millions of years. We who stand for the application of evidence-based science to the matter of climate change are better termed Climate Realists. 

"The new statement is a continuing cover for the failed science and fraudulent data of the ClimateChange lobby and a dereliction of the Royal Society's duty to uphold evidence-based science.

Professor John Pethica, the Royal Society’s vice-president and chairman of the working group that wrote the new document, said the guide stated clearly that there was “strong evidence” that the warming of the Earth over the past half-century had been caused largely by human activity. "The fact is", said Piers, "there is no such evidence. This is a false claim and if The Royal Society believe this they must show evidence. This is the founding principle of the scientific method. 

See entire article:
Thanks to Piers Corbyn for this link


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Leading UK scientific body admits climate change "uncertainties"
30 Sep 10 - The Royal Society, the leading scientific body in the UK, 
now admits that there are some 'uncertainties' regarding the science
behind climate change.

Leading UK scientific body admits climate change uncertainties




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