Some high Alpine villages snowed in most of summer     

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Some high Alpine villages snowed in
most of summer


A scary email from a reader in Germany

Hi Robert,

Here in southern Germany we experienced what seemed like a very short wet and cool summer! The corn fields are looking pretty dismal and along with a bad grain harvest it is likely not going to be a bumper crop this season! Now we have chilly daytime temps in the 40's and already ground frost and the first significant snowfall in the Alps since early August!

It was 45 today in Munich. Forecasters say it should remain quite cool for at  least the long range extended. Last year on this date it was a balmy 68!! Looks like it will be a chilly start to Oktoberfest!! 

For the first time in nearly 50 years mountain passes did not open at all this year because the massive snow from winter and spring failed to melt. Some reports say that some high Alpine villages were 'snowed in' in most of this summer.

The sun continues to be devoid of sunspots. What used to be days, then weeks without sunspots is now turning into months! So is it any wonder that we are experiencing these conditions? Reports similar to mine are now becoming all too common. Do you see any reason why I should not start becoming really concerned?  

Sincerely, Thomas  
               Hi Thomas,

               I can’t speak for “the establishment,” but I am certainly
               very concerned.
               Sincerely, Robert



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