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Underwater volcano off Oregon coast erupts

Lakes of lava more than a mile across


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9 Aug 11 - "An undersea volcano has erupted off the coast of Oregon, spewing forth a layer of lava more than 12 feet thick in some places," says this article by Andrea Mustain.

The eruption opened up new deep vents that are now belching forth "a cloudy stew of hot water and microbes from deep inside the Earth."

Scientists going back to pick up their monitoring equipment from an earlier expedition to the Axial Seamount, an underwater volcano some 250 miles off the coast of Oregon, were surprised to find a totally changed seafloor.

"At first we were really confused, and thought we were in the wrong place," said Bill Chadwick, a geologist with Oregon State University.

"Finally we figured out we were in the right place but the whole seafloor had changed, and that's why we couldn't recognize anything. All of a sudden it hit us that, wow, there had been an eruption. So it was very exciting."

In addition to producing lakes of lava, in places more than a mile across, the eruption changed the configuration of the region's seafloor hot springs.

"There are more vents, they're higher temperature," said Chadwick.

            Do you suppose that lakes of lava more than a mile
            across and 12 feet thick might heat the water a tad?

See entire amazing article:

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