Table of Contents

Not by Fire but by Ice


Table of Contents



Chapter 1 . . . K-O'd at the K-T

Dinosaur extinction · They died in less than a year · A worldwide layer of iridium · And a layer of soot · Equivalent to one billion Hiroshima bombs · A meteor? · No

Chapter 2 . . . Bolide Bullies

Where's the hole? · Manson Structure · Chicxulub · Popigai · Reversed polarity · Volcanoes · The Deccan Traps · The Siberian Traps · Geologic Time Scale · Extinctions come in cycles · We can't find 525 huge craters?

Chapter 3 . . . Disappearing Act

Sea levels fell at every extinction in history · Water temperatures increased 9o to 22oF · Hallam's and Vail's sea level charts · The fish clays · Acid rain · Freshwater animals survived · Black shale · Anoxic waters · Sea levels fell in some areas but not in others

Chapter 4 . . . The Irony

Extinctions correlate with magnetic reversals · Magnetic field strength is falling right now · Brunhes · Matuyama · Extinction and glaciation cycles match the reversal cycle

Chapter 5 . . . Ruler of the Universe

Magnetic forces cause explosions on the sun · Granulation · Sunspots · Supergranulation · Magnetic reversals on the sun produce large electric surges on earth and affect volcanic and seismic activity · What if a reversal should occur right here?

Chapter 6 . . . Continental Drift

Alfred Wegener · Pangaea · Huge underwater mountains and magnetic stripes on the seafloor · New seafloor is created at underwater ridges, then crawls across the ocean to be eaten at the other end · Map · Benioff zones · Alaska's Good Friday quake · The biggest dispose-all in the world · All continents are headed north · Open and close cycle in the seas

Chapter 7 . . . The Traitor Within

Go north young man · Electrophoresis · Electrotelluric currents · All plates rotate · It's slow-motion granulation, caused by magnetic repulsion · Thrusts · Faraday's Law: A fluctuating magnetic field can produce an electric current · Magnetic reversals move the plates and cause volcanoes · Bouguer anomalies · Liquefaction · Old Port Royal

Chapter 8 . . . Earthquake Lights and Crazy Snakes

New Madrid · Haicheng · Tangshan · UFOs are earthquake lights? · Earthquake lights are escaping electromagnetic forces · VAN method · Electrotelluric currents · Crazy snakes and cockroaches twirling, all just before earthquakes

Chapter 9 . . . Diving Turtles

Land rises and falls in sync with our galactic orbit · Today's underwater ridge system began at the K-T · Underwater volcanoes affect sea levels · Sea level changes occur abruptly · Tectonic movement correlates with magnetic reversals · Hairpin turns in the polar wander curve · 14.1-myr cycle · Mazaud · Magnetic reversals cause ice ages

Chapter 10 . . . Fish Stew

Underwater volcanoes heat the seas and cause El Niño · That's why freshwater animals survived · Thousands of cubic km of moisture rose into the sky, causing massive floods · What if it had been cold at the time? Snow, unbelievable amounts of snow

Chapter 11 . . . Not by Fire but by Ice

The dinosaur's world ended by ice · Sixteen stories of snow a day · Climatic cooling caused almost every extinction in history · What do ice ages have in common? Magnetic reversals · Description of past ice ages · Why do ice ages end abruptly?

Chapter 12 . . . Fatal Flaw

Mammoth extinction · Big was bad · Herds of mammoths · Horner's Herd · Nine Stories of snow a day · They were too heavy · They couldn't climb out of the snow

Chapter 13 . . . Nine Stories of Snow a Day

Hail at the rate of nine stories a day · Standing mammoths · Edible mammoths · Fast-frozen mammoths

Chapter 14 . . . Pacemaker of the Ice Ages

Ice ages correlate with our galactic orbit · So do peaks in strontium and lead · Ice ages correlate with our celestial orbit · Copernicus · Adhémar · Leverrier · Croll · Milankovitch · Precession: "Pacemaker of the Ice ages"

Chapter 15 . . . Noah's Deluge

Ice ages end with huge floods caused by evaporating seas · Columbia River flood · Alberta's badlands flood · Connecticut River flood · Gulf of Mexico flood · Lake Bonneville break-out · Warming seas · Rising water-vapor levels · Millions of floods in phase with precession · Volcanism tracks precession

Chapter 16 . . . The Next Ice Age—Now!

Every ice age began fast · Carbon-14 and precession · Magnetic field affected by precession · Magnetic intensity is falling · A reversal can occur in three weeks · During reversals, our magnetic field oscillates · With reversals come earthquakes, volcanoes, and rising land · The 1980s: one of the worst decades of volcanism ever · List of reversals · Reversals correlate with glaciation · List of catastrophes in sync with precession · Here we sit worried about global warming · Our glaciers are growing

Chapter 17 . . . The End



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