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The Redemption of Robert Felix

By George Ure

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16 Jun 11 - "The Redemption of Robert Felix." That's the title that George Ure gave this article on his Urban Survival website yesterday.

Why? Because to many people's surprise, NASA now admits to the possibility of a mini-Ice Age.

Colorized photo of a sunspot with Earth shown to scale.
Credits: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, V.M.J. Henriques (sunspot), NASA Apollo 17 (Earth)

"We need to talk about hibernating sunspots again," said Ure.  "There’s no way to count the number of emails I’ve received over the past several years since I started to mention the sound logic and science which Robert Felix put into his book “Not by Fire but by Ice”, a copy of which is still kept hand in our library. 

"Not that you’ll need to change over to mukluks and seal meat right away, but NASA is now talking about the possibility of a mini-Ice Age on the way as Solar Cycle 24 is turning into a de-spotted marvel.  Sky and Telescope has a dandy piece on this and it’s not to be taken lightly.

"No one is sure what the linkage is precisely between lowered solar output and Earth climate change, but it’s pretty clear that solar output is somehow linked to the La Nina phenomena, and it likely has something to do with speeds of the thermohaline conveyor that keeps Europe inhabitable.

"May (likely?) also have something to do with earthquake activity and extreme weather…but for now one this is coming into focus:  Robert Felix has been shown to be at least partially right and we all better be hoping he’s wrong on how things develop from here. 

"Yes man may have influenced global warming, but that might not turn out to be a bad thing, as seen from the current peak of Might and Maybe Mountain, which science builds with new papers all the time, and then proceeds to move around as part of the government’s secret 'full employment for science writers' program."
Thanks to Mike McEvoy for this link

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