Underwater Volcanoes Heating Pacific Ocean

Not by Fire but by Ice


Updated 30 July 06


Underwater Volcanoes Heating the Pacific Ocean



27 Jul 06 - "A new type of volcano may be heating up the floor of the western
Pacific Ocean," says this article posted on National Geographic News and on
Yahoo. (If you’ve read my book or tracked my web site, you know that’s
what I’ve been saying for years -- that underwater volcanoes are heating 
the seas.)

"Scientists suspect the new volcanoes occur at cracks in tectonic plates caused 
by stress as the plates slide past each other.

"A group of small volcanoes called petit spot volcanoes has been discovered far
from the tectonic-plate boundaries (like mid-oceanic ridges) that often spawn
volcanoes, earthquakes, and other geologic activity.

Geoscientist Naoto Hirano's team believes that the source of these volcanoes is
melted rock from the upper mantle, which has been squeezed through cracks in 
the tectonic plate above.

"This type of [activity produces] tiny volcanoes, possibly now active, on the old,
cold subducting Pacific plate," said Hirano from his office at the Scripps Institution
of Oceanography in La Jolla, California. "This petit spot volcano theory suggests
that this type of eruption can occur wherever the oceanic plate is flexed."

"These small volcanoes may be widespread on ocean floors where the mantle just
under the crust is squeezed out by tectonic forces when one plate moves under
another, the researchers explained.

"Dubbed "petit spots," these new types of volcanoes are difficult to spot using
satellite technology. Specific geophysical and sampling expeditions would have 
to be carried out in order to locate them," Hirano explained.



Thanks to both Gary Gagnon and Jimmy Walter for these links.




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