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I'm a denier! - Song/Video
New video from M4GW (Minnesotans for Global Warming)
It's a parody of "I'm a Believer" by Neil Diamond. I think you'll love it.
See I'm a denier - Song/Video

Ice, rather than fire, is the big threat - Must-see video
21 Jun 11 -'s Joe Bastardi differs with mainstream media: Beware of a Mini Ice Age.
Ice rather than fire is the big threat

Roof collapses under weight of snow - Video

Volcanic ash buries Argentine villages – Amazing video
17 Jun 11 - "There's no electricity. No fresh water. Only tons of ash that doesn't seem to stop coming." 
See Volcanic ash circles globe - Buries Argentine villages

Great video on what would happen during a Yellowstone Eruption
Pyroclastic flows kill within 50 to 100 mile radius - radius! - not diameter. Ash 20 to 30 feet deep at Yellowstone. Roofs collapse across UT, WY and ID. Ash radically cools the planet, wipes out breadbasket of the world, no growing season for years.

Swimming in volcanic ash from Puyehue Volcano -
Amazing video
16 Jun 11 - The normally clear water has been turned
into something that you might imagine on a totally different
planet - more like quicksand than water.

See Swimming in volcanic ash from Puyehue Volcano


Devastating Coffee Spill in BP Boardroom - Video
22 Jun 10 - So far I've posted nothing about the BP oil spill because it has
nothing to do with the climate ... yet. However, this sadly hilarious video
gives an indication of how well our government might handle the nation's
energy sector if the Control-and-Tax bill becomes law.
See Devastating Coffee Spill in BP Boardroom


Interactive spider - Just for fun - 20 Jul 10
Nothing to do with the climate. Just a spider. You can drag it around
with your mouse, or double click to leave an insect for it to eat. It will
walk all the way across the page to get it. My friend Bob Mann says
he has placed several in jars and sent them to (former) friends.


John Coleman's Global Warming Special - Now on YouTube
21 Feb 10 - With senior meteorologist John Coleman
Global Warming Meltdown

The Great Global Warming Swindle
In case you haven’t already seen it, here’s a great video:
Thanks to Phil Brennan for this link

Set the Flamingos Free! - Minnesotans for Global Warming Song
This short video is hilarious.
Thanks to Hans Schreuder for this link

Eruption of the underwater "Brimstone Pit"
"At any moment you felt it could go Mount St. Helens," says the narrator,
from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. "You could see the glow
 of the lava inside the pit."
Great video:

Hitler on Climate Change - Video
I think you'll get a kick out of this one.

"Scam, scam, scam," sayeth the lord
Short video (1 minutes) - Parliament member calls Al Gore
a snake-oil salesman and a crook.

Head of UK Met defends winter forecast
6 Jan 10 - You MUST watch this clueless (shameless?) performance.
See Head of UK Met defends winter forecast

Record snow in Burlington, VT
- 2-3 Jan 10
Great Burlington video - Wading through snow up to their waist

Meteorologist blows IPCC predictions out of the water
 Great 8-minute video
 3 Jan 09 - John Coleman. founder of the Weather Channel, says that
 today's warming (
of one degree since 1880) is no more dramatic
 than all of the other warming periods during the past 300 million years.
 See Meteorologist blows IPCC predictions out of the water


Greenland and Antarctic Ice core data - Short Video
5 Mar 10 - Hard to find a better 2-minute lesson on the data.
Take a look, it takes only 2 minutes. Enjoy.
Thanks to Burt Rutan for this link

Daring to question Al Gore
Short video showing Al Gore spinning and evading a legitimate question.
Thanks to Mudito Chetan
for this link

UN Security Stops Journalist's
"Inconvenient Questions"

11 Dec 09 -Stanford Professor Stephen
Schneider used armed United Nation security officers to silence a journalist during a press briefing in Copenhagen. What is he hiding? ate/#more-44722 
Thanks to Rick (Ziggy) Ziegelmann for this link

Major undersea eruptions
4 Nov 09 – Here are links to a couple of cool videos showing huge
amounts of ash, rocks and steam emanating from underwater volcanoes.
See Major undersea eruptions

Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?
Please ... take time to view this video clip on YouTube. It’s only four
minutes long. Then forward it to your friends. We must rise up and STOP
our president from signing this treaty!
Thanks to Robert Folaron (and many others) for this link

Copenhagen Climate Treaty: Lord Monckton with Glenn Beck
1 Nov 09 - Is Obama prepared to sign away our democracy, our
freedom,and our way of life? All for the global warming lie? See video:

It’s all about the state getting its hands in your trousers
One-minute video on youtube
Thanks to Stephanie Relfe for this link

"Absurd" - "Ignorant"
Global warming not causing California wildfires, says meteorologist
- (Video)
10 Sep 09 - Absurd, says meteorologist Joe Bastardi. People are either ignorant when they tell you this, or they don't want you to know. Satellite measurements show that temperatures have been going down.
See Global warming not causing California wildfires

Light-hearted video “I don’t believe in global warming”
YouTube - I don't believe in Global Warming (with Mr Pipik)
Thanks to Emma Corry for this link

A load of hot air

28 May 09 - Great video interview of Professor Ian Plimer, author
of Heaven and Earth - Global Warming, The Missing Science.
Q: What do you think of Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth?
A: “Fantasy at its best.”
See A load of hot air

Global Cooling: The Coming Ice Age

Short video (6 minutes) about the coming ice age. I especially
agree with climatologist George Kukla, an ice-age alarmist
since the early 1970s, who still thinks an ice age is imminent.
See Global Cooling: The Coming Ice Age

Danger: Ice Age Ahead
Short video (less than 4 minutes) with some great special effects
8 May 09 – “We’re well on our way into the next ice age,” says this video from the National Geographic. “One of our major challenges will be how to keep us from killing each other.”
See Danger: Ice Age Ahead
Short video on Human Achievement Hour

Great video of Tongatapu volcano erupting
19 Mar 09 - =1065714291&launchpoint=Cover&cid=fancover&attr=default_headline&config=/c onfig/common/fan/default.xml
John Stossel vs Robert Kennedy on global warming
Kennedy calls Stossel a liar. “The science of global
warming is settled,” says Kennedy. “On every mountain
range on earth, the glaciers are shrinking.” 
Oh really. What about the fact that ...?
See John Stossel vs Robert Kennedy on global warming
Weather Channel founder wants to sue Al Gore for fraud
“Global warming is a scam,” says John Coleman, founder of the
Weather Channel. “CO2 is not a pollutant.” “They’re lying.”
“They're manipulating the data.”
See video:
Glen Beck: Global Warming Greatest Scam in History
"Fake frenzy." "Hockey stick graph is bogus science."
"Numbers have been massaged." "A political agenda."
"Reacting to a myth."
Fun Video: All Things Caused by Global Warming?
17 Nov 08 - Warning, it is funny and painfully accurate
See Fun video - Global Warming: A Comedy
Global warming and food – Short cartoon
Thanks to Will Alexander for this link

antastic video
Features Professor Bob Carter, environmental scientist at
the Marine Geophysical Laboratory, James Cook University
Thanks to Eric Skrzypczak for this link

Possible New Ice Age? See my 28-minute talk in
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Harris-Mann Seminar

.Great video debunking global warming

               If you know of other videos that belong here, please let me know.




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