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We cannot trust NOAA or NASA data bases,

says meteorologist

Kim Greenhouse's shocking interview w/ Joe D'Aleo


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24 Aug 10 - "We cannot trust NOAA's or NASA's data bases to make important policy decisions," days meteorologist Joseph D'Aleo in this shocking interview with Kim Greenhouse.

"NOAA and NASA have misused science to produce a bias," says D’Aleo. "The climate models are flawed miserably. Their models are built in ways that give them the desired results. If their models don’t match the data, they don’t change their models – they fiddle with the data."

Listen to interview:

One part of the interview that I especially enjoy is when Greenhouse asks, "Do you think we're headed into an ice age like Robert Felix says?"

"I believe we're headed into at least a Dalton minimum kind of cooling which could be a degree or two Celsius below globally for over the next couple of decades," says D'Aleo.

"Three degrees Fahrenheit globally. You'll still get your heat waves. Winters will be colder and longer, more extreme. There will be plenty of snow, and snow in places where you usually don't see it.

"The point is that cold is much more dangerous than warmth. This could create crop failures and famines and plagues.

"We believe strongly that cooling is coming.

"We're preparing for something that is not coming."

Who is Joe D’Aleo?

Joe D'Aleo has one of the most popular climate websites in the world ( was the first Director of Meteorology at cable TV's Weather Channel, and Chief Meteorologist at the Weathers Service's International Corporation. He has over 30 years experience as a meteorologist, and was senior editor of Dr. Dewpoint, WSI's popular

D'Aleo has also been a professor of meteorology at Lyndon State College (where meteorologists are trained). In addition to being a certified consulting meteorologist, D'Aleo was elected a fellow of the American Meteorological Society, and has served both as a member and as chairman of the American Meteorological Society.



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