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Yet more deep-sea hydrothermal vents    

Pumping superheated water into the depths 


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4 Aug 11 - Discovered by an Irish-led expedition, the Moytirra Vent Field lies almost 10,000 feet (two miles) down on the mid-Atlantic ridge north of the Azores islands.

The team found the deep sea vents and their chimneys using the Holland I, a remotely-piloted sub. The tallest chimney rises more than 32 feet (10 meters) above the seafloor.

"On the first dive, we found the edge of the vent field within two hours of arriving on the seafloor," said team leader Andy Wheeler of University College, in Cork, Ireland. "The (sub) descended a seemingly bottomless underwater cliff into the abyss. We never reached the bottom, but rising up from below were these chimneys of metal sulphides belching black plumes of mineral-rich superheated water."

Hydrothermal vents - fed by underwater volcanic activity - typically pump boiling water through deep-sea chimneys into the otherwise cold and inhospitable murky depths.

"Boiling water." "Superheated water." Any guesses as to what has been heating the oceans?
Thanks to Steven Woodcock for this link

I wonder how much CO2 these hydrothermal vents are pumping into the oceans?

Here's a photo of fish swimming through CO2 bubbles rising from a hydrothermal vent.

"It was a little strange to feel like you are diving inside a giant soda bottle," says photographer Scott.





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